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no glasses review

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Vision Without Glasses - Can It Help You Improve Your Eyesights?


Can Vision Without Glasses really improve your vision and help you get rid of glasses and contact lenses without any kind of surgery. According to clinical studies by many experts, researchers, the method ‘Vision Without Glasses' developed by Dr. William H. Bates looks very promising.

The good eye sight secret…

The secret to improved eye vision is lot of exercises for eyes since eyes are also considered as another muscles that can be worked out to get good vision. There are a series of exercises available in the vision without glasses as they identify the problems related to our eyes which impacts them and how to avoid them, so that you can get your vision back to normal. Sounds good, doesn't it? Vision Without Glasses is not only different but it works too as it does not required any other extra treatment rather just done naturally.

Due to the changes in our everyday lives both with work and play there are many reasons why our eyes weaken a lot faster than what mother nature would dictate. Activities such as computer use and watching television causes not only strain on our eyes, weakening of our eye muscles but also other health issues. No doubt you have experienced eye strain, head aches, migraines and other debilitating conditions when your glasses or contact lens are not in reach.


Wearing glasses and contact lens is only a temporary fix that leads to your eyes getting weaker and lazier overtime, whereas surgery are risky and addresses only symptoms and not the root cause.
If you want to improve your vision and get rid of glasses or contact lens, then the first thing you must do is to identify and stop the activities that are causing your vision to worsen.

How Vision Without Glasses helps:

That's where Vision Without Glasses comes into the picture. This system helps its users get their eyes back into shape using a series of training exercises. It also provides tips on what to do and what not to do in order to speed up the process of recovery.

Vision Without Glasses is proven to have the following benefits:
* Improving eye sight by doing some simple exercises to relax out eyes
* Understand the difference stress and strain
* Sharpen mental and visual focus
* Avoid risky surgeries
* Relief from headaches, tiredness and overhelmed

When evaluating the effectiveness of a method, it's important to consider the following two factors:
1.The scientific proof backing it's claim
2.The side effects
Let's go over each one…

Scientific proof: Vision Without Glasses is a natural vision improvement program created by Duke Peterson based on the work of Dr.William H Bates in the 1880′s. Dr Bates was the first ophthalmologist to discover that this patients could not only improve their vision and eyesight problems naturally but in almost all cases restore perfect vision regardless of age or vision problem through a series of eye exercises performed daily.
Side effects: Vision Without Glasses has no known negative side effects. Vision Without Glasses will teach you how to improve eyesight naturally and regain 20/20 vision regardless of your age without the need of corrective lenses or risky and expensive surgery.

No doubt about it, your local optometrist is making a nice living selling you glasses and contact lenses year after year, it is not in their best interest to tell you to try the exercises Dr Bates formulated for his patience over 100 years ago!

There's no reason to be stuck in the same glasses or contact lenses forever. What if you can improve your vision and get rid of glasses or contact lenses in a way totally different than anything you've seen before… one where you'll see a change in your vision within 3 weeks?


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